Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beach Beauty

So here is another awesome kit by Susan Godfrey. This one is called U Rock and as you can see has some really cute elements that rock! The thing I love about these kits is that even though there is a theme, there is enough variety to scrap a completely different theme. I was able to put together a beach LO of my little sister using this kit!

Here is what I came up with using this great kit! These pictures are special to me because they are of my little sister when she came to California for the first time to watch me graduate from college. This was the first time she had ever been on the beach and seen the ocean!

Credits: U Rock! by Susan Godfrey Designs at Faith Sisters Digital Shop; Font: Liorah BT

Star Light, Star Bright

Here is a LO using Susan Godfrey's Love & Blessings Kit. I have very few childhood/baby pictures of myself and this happens to be one of the few that is actually a good quality pic! Being pregnant and having so many friends having babies at the moment, I felt that working on a baby page was appropriate! =)

If I was having a baby girl I know I would be using this kit for her baby book! I love the pink with the browns!

Credits: Love & Blessings by Susan Godfrey Designs at Faith Sisters Digital Shop; Font: Alabama

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hook, Line, Sinker

Here is another kit by Susan Godfrey Designs! This one is Gone Fishing and can be found at the Faith Sisters Digital Shop

And here is my LO using the Gone Fishing kit!
And this is Sketch 231 from Scrapbook Challenges which my LO is based on!
Credits: Gone Fishing by Susan Godfrey Designs at Faith Sisters; LO Sketch 231 from Scrapbook Challenges; Font: Alabama

Monday, December 27, 2010


So here is my new LO using one of my many new kits by Susan Godfrey. Did I mention that I got her whole store for only $15??? I can't wait to play with my new kits.

Here is the kit that I used

And here is my new LO.

Credits: Got Dirt? by Susan Godfrey Designs
LO: Figgy Pudding QP by Susan Godfrey Designs

Lot's of new kits!!!!!

I'm so excited because I was able to get a ton of new kits by one of my favorite designers (Susan Godfrey aka Simply Susan). I had already purchased 5 of her previous kits! Well I was checking out the Faith Sisters Digital Shop and found out Susan is doing a Christmas sale on her ENTIRE store!!! So for only $15 I was able to buy every kit she had in her shop...I still can't believe it! It took me two days to download all of the kits and get them organized in my scrap software, but it was totally worth it!! If you are interested in some SUPER adorable kits at a ridiculously low price go check it out...there's still a few days left!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Little Drummer Boy

I've finally begun scrapbooking once again!! Yay!! For the Sweet, Sweet Song challenge in December, we were asked to remember the true meaning of Christmas and also to think of a song that reflected this. My husband Joe reminded me of "The Little Drummer Boy" and how all he had to bring the baby Jesus was a song.

So many times during Christmas, I hear of people being disappointed when they didn't get the gift they wanted or if it wasn't in the price range they had expected. It's nice to remember that Jesus is the reason we celebrate CHRISTmas! It was His birthday and yet He was here to give us the gift...the gift of eternal salvation should we choose to accept it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Time No Scrap!!

Hello All! It has been several months since I've been on my blog AND several months since I've actually scrapbooked!! It's sad, I know! Well I have every excuse in the visiting, school with it's papers, projects, mid terms and finals, and being pregnant! However, My excuses are slowly running out and now I am motivated to scrap once again!!! I've also been motivated to begin a family blog to keep everyone updated on the last stretch of my pregnancy and the adventures of being new parents!!

So the first thing I scraped was our family X-Mas card which I will eventually post! The next thing I had to scrap was my prego belly pics and then the ultrasound pics of our baby boy Jesse!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Baby!

So I know I haven't been blogging or even scrapbooking for quite awhile but this has been one busy and crazy summer! We have been going camping and fishing nearly every weekend and just trying to enjoy the summer (in spite of the rain). We also have family visiting for several months which takes up a lot of my previous blog/scrap time.

But most recently we found out that we are pregnant (woo hoo!!!) with our first after trying for 7 months. I'm 7 weeks now and feeling the fatigue and nausea in full force. I'm so thankful that I'm not working right now because I'd hate to feel this way and have to teach a class full of fourth graders all day! As it is I'm pretty miserable simply laying in bed or trying to force myself to eat.

So in the meantime I can hopefully get some scrapbooking done and boy oh boy will I have the perfect little canvas to scrap come March!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


52 Blessings Week 20

Week 20 was an exciting adventure! My DH and I went camping for the first time since we've been married AND it was our first camping trip since we've moved to Anchorage Alaska! Joe (DH) and I arrived at Eklutna Lake on a Friday and our friends were planning on making it the next day. We attempted to bike around the lake but, being out of "biking" shape, we barely made it halfway. Next time our goal is to make it all the way around!

I love the large picture on this LO. It's of our 4 friends and little Mishka (puppy husky). I'm kind of obsessed with pathways and just fell in love with the tall trees surrounding this curving trail! The small picture is of my DH and myself.

DH and I plan on going camping to Eklutna sometime in the next couple of weeks! Look for another camping page! Lol!

Credits: Into Spring by Delicious Scraps; Word Art: Creative Memories Freebies; Font: Traveling Typewriter

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow! My last post was almost a week ago!! Well to say the least, I have been very busy!

Scrap distractions, let me count the ways...

Photography is one of my interests and in the last couple of weeks I've been really trying to challenge myself by using the manual modes on my camera.

Grandparents visiting (first cleaning house and now visiting)

Web Design that I do for my church

Amazingly beautiful weather after a week of rain (bike rides and hikes galore!!)

Here are some pictures of our Alaska adventures recently!! Enjoy!

Coastal Trail (Anchorage, AK)

This moose was right off of the paved coastal trail about 24 feet away from us!

This moose was off of the Campbell Creek Trail near our home. We saw it as were were riding our bikes past it. She was about 24 feet away as well!

This is a small lake that was along the Campbell Creek trail and I loved the reflection in the water!

This is our backyard before my husband and dad did yard work. I still cannot believe how big the grass, weeds, and dandy lions get. The one in this picture was honestly half way up my thigh!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flat Top - Week 19

I have been so busy getting our house ready for family who will be staying with us for a couple of months that I've had to put my scrapping frenzy on hold! Thankfully, I was motivated enough to finish another week from my 52 Blessings Challenge! Honestly, if it wasn't for these challenges, I really think I would not be scrapping nearly as often! So as of tonight I am currently behind 6 pages for this challenge! I am so, so, so close!

52 Blessings Challenge - Week 19

Credits: Swing Spring by Collab Girls Creations; Font: Alabama and Hank BT

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Celebrate the Journey - Week 18

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 18

We had the top off of the Jeep and I was so excited that I could take pictures of the tree tops and sky while we were driving on the back roads!

Credits: I Love Whoo by TMA Designs; Font: Traveling Typewriter and Liorah BT

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Digital...I love it!!

I have been digital scrapbooking for about 6 months now! I absolutely love it! I mean I really liked traditional scrapbooking but I really hated the clean up afterward and the fact that I would have to dig through all of my "collection" before I could ever decide how I would scrap a page!

One thing I love about digital scrapbooking (besides the fact that there is no clean up afterward) is the fact that I can pretty much do anything!! If I wanted to I could crop out my sister-in-laws wedding bouquet and use it as a sticker embellishment on her wedding album or some balloons from a baby shower. If I need to match some paper with a particular color, I no longer have to search through ALL of my papers and realize that I don't have a perfect match; now I can simply adjust the color! I really loved velum in traditional scrapbooking but I could never get it on a page without some of the adhesive showing through. Now that I do digital scrapbooking I don't have that problem! What I am really looking forward to is having my scrapbook printed and bound! With creative memories you can have your scrapbook turned into and actual hardcover book! I am excited to see what the final version looks like!

Just had to share how much I love digital scrapbooking...what in the world am I going to do with all my traditional scrapbooking stuff??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shine Tori, Shine

June's My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge's theme is "Shine Through Me"
While I had a difficult time choosing a song to use, I knew that it was going to be about my little sister and my prayer for her to cling the Jesus and let His light shine through her life!

When I started this challenge, I decided that I was going to do a two page LO each month. This is sometimes frustrating with these challenges, in the past I haven't really used pictures. But I think it's working out nicely now!

I was a featured artist for Made Ya Look Monday at!!

Credits: Little Light by Designs by Angel at Faith Sisters digital gallery; Font: tropicali Script BTN Bamboo, Edwardian Script ITC, and Razzle Dazzle

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trail Blazers - Week 16

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 16

Week 16 was difficult for me. I took so many pictures on this day it was very hard to choose which ones to use. I was also having a hard time figuring out a LO of pages with more than a couple of pages. I started out by using a template from Creative Memories, however I just wasn't happy with the results. I almost didn't even scrapbook today, however as I was looking through one of regular blog readings, Get It Scrapped, I came across template 48 and was immediately inspired!

Here's the template that inspired me (particularly the upper left one):

Here's what I came up with:

Credits: Paper and elements from Swing Spring by Collab Girls Creations;Stitch from Jeans by Sunshine Artz; Fonts: Leaf 1 and Hank BT; Scraplifted from Debbi Hodge's Get It Scrapped sketch #48

Hike Gone Wild - Week 16

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 16 Part 1

Credits: Paper and elements from Swing Spring by Collab Girls Creations;Stitch from Jeans by Sunshine Artz; Fonts: Leaf 1 and Hank BT; Scraplifted from Debbi Hodge's Get It Scrapped sketch #48


I got featured on Faith Sister's Made Ya Look Monday!!! They used "My Father's Love Letter"! I am so excited!! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marley and Me - Week 15

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 15

I'm so excited!! This LO was Pamela's Pick of the Week over at Scrapbook Challenges

I was a featured artist for the Pick Of the Week at ScrapbookChallenges!!

Credits: Be My Darling Forever by Sunshine Artz; Font: Times New Yorker

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Snow - Week 14

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 14

Credits: Wintertime by Pelzi; Alpha: Alpha XMas uppercase freebie by Faba Scrap Design at Angels Scrap Shop; Font: Almonte Snow and French Script MT


Credits: Paper and embellishments: powerpoint templates; Alpha: Scrapelf's Delight by Scrapelf; Font: Alabama and Piranesi It BT


Credits: powerpoint templates; embellishment and overlay: Creative Memories Freebies; Alpha: Wintertime by Pelzi; Mask by Pelzi; Font: MonoType Corsive and Euphorigenic


This is part of the Scripture Challenge 2010 from Triple the Scraps. Every two weeks she presents a new word for us to study and pray about. She also provides a devotional type reading based upon the chosen word.

Credits: Paper: Daily Joy by Sunshine Artz; Embellishments from Creative Memories Freebies; Alpha: DSD Treasure Hunt Freebie by Meredith Cardall at Faith Sisters digital gallery; Font: Segue Print and AR Darling

Friday, June 4, 2010

B.F. - Week 13

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 13

Credits: Spot Come Home by Simply Susan at Faith Sisters Digital Gallery; Tag: Creative Memories; Font: Traveling_Typewriter

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sister's Prayer

When I would do traditional scrapbooking I always wanted to try the new techniques. Here I learned how do eyelets for the first time. It took forever but I like the way it turned out. While I really enjoyed paper scrapbooking, I really hated the mess and the fact that I was more of a collecter! I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and it would really drive me crazy if something was not lined up just so.

Princess Tori

Here is another LO of my darling sister Tori! We took family pics on my visit and of course I had to scrap them! Once again I used Creative Memories cutters for the squares on both pages.

Picture of My Heart

Here is my adorable little sister playing with her plastic camera on one of my visits to Utah. I have so much fun scraping this little girl! With these two pages I used Creative memories punches and cutters (I have to say CM has the best cutters out there!)

Who Me?

Here are our two Siberian Huskies, Yukon and Girlfriend, aka Baby Girl. Yukon and Baby Girl have since passed away so I'm glad that I have these pages to help remember them by!

A Mother's Love

These were done several years ago when I was visiting my parents. We only got to see each other once a year, if that, so my mom and I had to go and get our pictures taken together.
The title page includes a foam box with glitter in it. All pages include dried flowers that my step mother gave me.

Another Collab Girls Creations Freebie! Yay!

So I just finished my May Blessings title page and used another beautiful freebie from Collab Girls Creations! I plan on using this kit for most of my May pages. I love the bright colors and of course there are many embellishments to choose from. It looks like this kit is going to be versatile enough to use the variety of different events that occurred in May! Stay tuned and check out this new kit!

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