Monday, October 31, 2011

Scrappamondo Blog Train Today! Woot Woot!!

Well, just as I promised, today is the Scrappamondo Blog Train!!  Hopefully, you are already aboard the train and if not, then hop on and get yourself some freebies!!  I love freebies, don't you!!

So here you go fellow scrap-a-holics, I sure hope you enjoy my freebie!

And in case you're lost or just hopping aboard, here are the blog train stops!



Thursday, October 27, 2011


Here's another layout with one of my (very few) baby pictures!  I love this one of me with my bio dad!  I've had so major scrappin block the past few days so it was nice to be able to scrap this simple layout!

Credits: Embrace Full Kit by Lisa Sisneros


Distance and Time LO & Freebie!!

This LO was created using a free kit by Lisa Sisneros!  If you like it and want it for free too, all you have to do is sign up for her newsletter!!  

Credits: Never Forget by Lisa Sisneros; Font: Neato Handprint by Lisa Sisneros; Pea Roxygirl, and Traveling_Typewriter; Lyrics: Distance and Time by Alicia Keys

Journaling reads:
After you being deployed for nearly 15 months, getting engaged over the phone, planning a wedding while apart, you were finally able to take a 3 day weekend. Thankfully, you were able to catch a flight and spend that time with me!! Everyone was pressuring me about registering for our wedding and I didn't want to do that without you! It was so amazing to get to spend some quality time with you after so long!! I couldn't help but count the days until you would be out of the army and home with me for good! "No matter how far you are, no matter how long it takes you, through distance and time, I'll be waiting."

Man those lyrics ring so true!  While I was never an Army wife I was close enough.  Now that we are married and we have a son, I cannot even imagine my husband going on 12-15 month deployments.  While he was away, most of our correspondence had to be done by letter because the area he was in was so remote and dangerous they did not have internet for most of the tour and phone access was usually limited for those who were married!  :(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scrappamondo CT Blog Train!!

Hello there fellow scrappers!  On October 31st Scrappamondo by Monica is having a mini blog train and I'm participating!  So if you'd like some freebies that coordinates with her Feltry Halloween kit then hop onto the blog train!!

Here's a look at her kit if you missed my previous post with my layouts!

AND if you go to Monica's Facebook page and become a fan you will get a coupon for this kit!!  So head on over to Scrappamondo by Monica on Facebook!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Thank}ful LO and Trick or Treat LO

It is October 23rd and Halloween is just around the corner!  Only thing is that my family doesn't really celebrate this holiday.  Normally, I just buy up a bunch of the holiday candy when it's on sale and gorge myself on it for a couple months but that's about the extent of my celebration!

With that said, my little sister does do the Halloween thing and can you blame her...she's a little kid!  What little kid doesn't want to not only dress up, BUT ALSO have people give her candy too!!  I mean it's a total win win situation!!  There were a few years where I was able to go visit her around Halloween time and I had the chance to go door to door with her and take part in her excitement and fun.  Those were very special visits for me and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see her have so much fun!

So onto my layouts...Scrappamondo by Monica has a new Halloween kit that's just been released.  I was able to do one layout for myself that is not Halloween themed at all and one layout for my sister in honor of our trick or treat times together!  I love the fact that both layouts came from the same kit and yet they look SO different!!

Credits: Feltry Halloween by Scrappamondo by Monica; Wordart: Black and White Digital Power Pallet by Creative Memories; Font: Pea Hart

Credits: Feltry Halloween by Scrappamondo by Monica; Font: Neato Handprint by Lisa Sisneros Designs


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Organizing Digi Stuff

So awhile ago I posted the Creative Memories was having an amazing sale on their scrapbooking program, Storybook Creator 3.0 because they were going to be releasing Storybook Creator 4.0.  You may or may not know that I do ALL of my layouts using Storybook Creator 3.0, unlike most digi scrappers who use tend to use Photoshop.  I love my scrapbook software and the fact that it's so user friendly AND can do just about everything that other programs can do.  Some people are turned off by the software just because Creative Memories has seems to attract scrappers with a particular style, but you're not stuck to a certain style with SB software.

So, after much rambling onto my point...I of course had to purchase the 4.0 upgrade and I'm loving it so far.  There a ton's of new little "tricks" and photo editing options (one area the product was lacking in)!  One thing that I am loving with the new software is the new organization options.  The previous software allowed excellent organization options within the software file.  My only gripe was that all of my digi product had to be saved in ONE file (Which I labeled "Digi Product").  Within this ONE file I was able to store all of my product separately in folders (which I would label by the kit name).  **One in the software, I was able to organize the product in TONS of ways, however, if I had to go into my external and actually check out that ONE folder than it was a PAIN to sort through!!  Well now with 4.0 I am able to add more folders than that ONE folder...WootWoot!!

I'm in the process right now of adding new folders for the designers that I have TONS of digi product and separate folders for those that I CT for so that I can find their kits more quickly on my hard drive!!  Only problem is that this process is time consuming!  

Just do you organize your digi product??  Does your system allow you to easily give credit to designers?

Happy scrapping..and organizing..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Perfect You LO and some good news!!

So let me share my news first...
     I am so excited to announce that I am on Lisa Sisneros' Creative Team!  She is a designer over at CatScrap and her work is absolutely have to check out her shop!  I hope I can do it justice!!  I am also very lucky to be working with a lot of VERY, very, talented ladies!!

So here is a look at the beautiful stuff I got to work with this week!

Beautiful, right!?  Well, you should definitely see some of the amazing LO's that the rest of the creative team made using these kits {here}.  But, until then check out my LO!

Credits: Floral Fusion: Fall by Lisa Sisneros Designs; Alt. Metal Alphabet by Lisa Sisneros Designs


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jellebelleke's Designs Retirement Sale...So sad!

I'm so sad to say that Jolanda won't be creating any more of her amazing templates for the time being!  She is retiring **tear** and I am so going to miss working with her bundles!!  But she is being a doll and having a sale...let's hope she can go out with a bang!!  So while it is very, very, sad that she is leaving the digi design world for the moment, we are very lucky to be able to acquire her templates for $1 a pack!!!  I hope you go and check out Jolanda's store before it's too late!!

Check out her store over at Scrappity-Doo-Dah

Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bubbles LO

It's amazing how having a child allows you to appreciate the simple things!  For example, I love watching him take a bath!  He loves the water and will kick and splash the entire time.  Do I care that my floor is soaking wet?  Do I care that I'm soaking wet??  Not at all!!  I love my little guy so much, I just can't get enough of him!!  

Credits: Brother by Inspired Designs by Crystal; Word Art: Bathtime by Inspired Designs by Crystal; Morning Breeze Templates by Jellebelleke's Designs; Font: Pea Porridge Hot

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jesse LO

Credits: Sweet Tooth by Blue Heart Scraps; Joy of Life Vol. 1 Templates by Jellebelleke's Designs; Font: Pea Loftsgard

I love this LO so much!  It could just be that I love looking at my little boy, or that I was pretty impressed with the pictures that I got of him on this morning!  But I have to say I sure to love this template (this whole template bundle for that matter) and this beautiful, colorful kit!!

Here's a look at the kit that was used for this LO:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Beauty Of Dreams LO

This LO was created using the free kit Modern Beauty by Blue Heart Scraps for the Indulgence Challenge at Brownie Scraps 

Credits: Modern Beauty by Blue Heart Scraps; Joy of Life Vol 1 Templates by Jellebelleke's Designs; Word Art: Black & white Digital Power Palette by Creative Memories; font: Pea Leslie's Happy Font

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chance to win Good Morning from Scrappamondo!!

Hi there my fellow scrappers!  I just wanted to let you know that Monica is giving you all a chance to win her new kit Good Morning for free!!  You have until THURSDAY to simply go to her blog Scrappamondo by Monica and leave a comment!  To be entered in the contest an extra time you can share the post on your facebook page!!  If you haven't seen the kit here's what it looks like and you can check my previous posts to see some LO's that I created with this beautiful product!!

New Creative Memories Software

For those who don't know, I use Creative Memories software to do all of my scrapbook layouts.  I've considered using Photoshop but CM is so easy to use and I can nearly do all that Photoshop would allow me to do!!

Well CM has come out with a new version...Creative Memories Storybook Creator 4.0!!  AND because of this new software CM has discounted their 3.0 version to $32!!  If you are new to scrapbooking and have been wanting to try it out but want something simple and easy to use then you really have to try this software out!!  No I am not a CM consultant and I am not getting any money if you do buy the product, I just happen to think that this software is pretty darn awesome!!

Creative Memories Discounted Software

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