Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Thank}ful LO and Trick or Treat LO

It is October 23rd and Halloween is just around the corner!  Only thing is that my family doesn't really celebrate this holiday.  Normally, I just buy up a bunch of the holiday candy when it's on sale and gorge myself on it for a couple months but that's about the extent of my celebration!

With that said, my little sister does do the Halloween thing and can you blame her...she's a little kid!  What little kid doesn't want to not only dress up, BUT ALSO have people give her candy too!!  I mean it's a total win win situation!!  There were a few years where I was able to go visit her around Halloween time and I had the chance to go door to door with her and take part in her excitement and fun.  Those were very special visits for me and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to see her have so much fun!

So onto my layouts...Scrappamondo by Monica has a new Halloween kit that's just been released.  I was able to do one layout for myself that is not Halloween themed at all and one layout for my sister in honor of our trick or treat times together!  I love the fact that both layouts came from the same kit and yet they look SO different!!

Credits: Feltry Halloween by Scrappamondo by Monica; Wordart: Black and White Digital Power Pallet by Creative Memories; Font: Pea Hart

Credits: Feltry Halloween by Scrappamondo by Monica; Font: Neato Handprint by Lisa Sisneros Designs


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