Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Baby!

So I know I haven't been blogging or even scrapbooking for quite awhile but this has been one busy and crazy summer! We have been going camping and fishing nearly every weekend and just trying to enjoy the summer (in spite of the rain). We also have family visiting for several months which takes up a lot of my previous blog/scrap time.

But most recently we found out that we are pregnant (woo hoo!!!) with our first after trying for 7 months. I'm 7 weeks now and feeling the fatigue and nausea in full force. I'm so thankful that I'm not working right now because I'd hate to feel this way and have to teach a class full of fourth graders all day! As it is I'm pretty miserable simply laying in bed or trying to force myself to eat.

So in the meantime I can hopefully get some scrapbooking done and boy oh boy will I have the perfect little canvas to scrap come March!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


52 Blessings Week 20

Week 20 was an exciting adventure! My DH and I went camping for the first time since we've been married AND it was our first camping trip since we've moved to Anchorage Alaska! Joe (DH) and I arrived at Eklutna Lake on a Friday and our friends were planning on making it the next day. We attempted to bike around the lake but, being out of "biking" shape, we barely made it halfway. Next time our goal is to make it all the way around!

I love the large picture on this LO. It's of our 4 friends and little Mishka (puppy husky). I'm kind of obsessed with pathways and just fell in love with the tall trees surrounding this curving trail! The small picture is of my DH and myself.

DH and I plan on going camping to Eklutna sometime in the next couple of weeks! Look for another camping page! Lol!

Credits: Into Spring by Delicious Scraps; Word Art: Creative Memories Freebies; Font: Traveling Typewriter
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