Monday, May 31, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Week 10

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 10

I downloaded Shimmerin' Shamrocks by Bon Scrapatit three days ago and have just finished my 3rd LO with the free kit! This kit is really wonderful and very versatile. My "March Blessings" page was very St. Patrick's Dayish; however on "It's The Little Things" and "Simple Pleasures" are not and both are very different. There are so many different options for this kit!


Shimmerin' Shamrocks from Bon Scrapatit Designs; Word Art: Black and White Digital Power Palette from Creative Memories; Font: Traveling_Typewriter

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's The Little Things - Week 9

Week 9

This is our Black and Gold Colombian Tegu Marley. Joe and I got Marley in November of '08 and he was just 6mos. old. We knew that Colombian Tegus were more aggressive than Argentinian Tegus but we were committed to putting in the time it would take to make sure Marley would be tame. He was just a little guy when we brought him home but he was a vicious little guy. We actually had to wear leather gloves to keep from being bit. Now that he's older and much, much bigger, we are able to hold him and pet him (without gloves). Many people don't like lizards, but they hold a special place in our hearts and we truly love this little guy!

Credits: Shimmerin' Shamrocks from Bon Scrapatit Designs; Word Art: Black and White Digital Power Palette from Creative Memories; Font: Hank BT

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scrap happy and far behind...

I have definitely been a scrap happy scrapper this week! Not only have I been trying to get some more pages finished, I've also been trying to get my previous pages posted here. I am still super far behind on my 52 Blessings challenge and don't even want to talk about the Scripture Challenge! I am excited though because I do have a plan for the 52 Blessings and hope to be getting several pages done soon! It's almost June and I haven't even scrapped anything from March, April, or May! I better get to scrappin'!

My Father's Love Letter-May

My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge for May. This month's theme is "safe in your arms".

I have to admit that I was stuck on this months challenge! I had so many songs in mind that I just couldn't pick one. I like to use powerpoint templates from in my scrapbooking and when I came across "A Father's Love Letter" template, I had not only an idea for the song but also for the layout. I find it comforting that the God I serve is never changing and that His word is eternal. He knew me before I was even a thought and loves me more that I can even imagine. He holds me in the palm of his hand, gives me rest, and comforts my heart and soul!

credits: Photos from powerpoint templates; paper and embellishments from Tower by Scrap Quest Designs by Jennifer Eldridge; Font: 1942 Report

Sweetly Broken - April

This is My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge for April. The theme for this month was "My salvation, my restoration"

April's challenge was an awesome time to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made in order for us to be restored and forgiven. We have an amazing father in heaven and His love for us is beyond comprehension! As the lyrics of my chosen song say, "how wondrous Your redeeming love and how great is Your faithfulness". Even when we are so undeserving He is willing to cleanse us of our sins and claim us as His very own children. I am so thankful that I serve such a loving God!

Credits: Alive by TMA designs ( digital shop); Picture: powerpoint templates; Font: Microsoft Sans Serif

Marvelous Light - March

My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge for March's Theme is, "All my worship"

"Sin has lost it's power, death has lost it's sting. From the grave You've risen Victoriously! Into marvelous light I'm running, out of darkness, out of shame..." I love this song. It speaks so clearly of the darkness that I once lived in before I came to know Jesus. With Jesus I don't have to fear even death and know that He has removed my shame and cleansed the stains that sin had left upon me. I am so thankful for the peace that our Lord gives to those who believe in Him and love Him!

Credits: Photos from powerpoint templates; Frames and Paper: Pure Praise from Scrap Quest Designs by Jennifer Eldridge; Paper: Bring on the Music by Designs by Angel and also from Happy Musician Collab kit ( digital shop); Font: Hotel Coral Essex and Alabama

Everything - February

My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge from
The theme for February was, "I hear your voice"

Credits: Ribbon: In the Midst of You from Scrap Quest Designs by Jennifer Eldridge; Flowers: I Hear Your Voice from Designs by Angel ( digital gallery); Paper: The Land of Nod by weefaerie; Frame: Love Is In the Air by Collab Girls Creation; Font: James Han

I Can Only Imagine- January

My Sweet, Sweet Song Challenge from

I love this monthly challenge! Each month we have to create a LO that is inspired by a particular Christian song. We get a theme and then find a song that "speaks" to us. Not only are we challenged to follow the theme but we are also challenged to use a particular color palette. The theme for January was, "My Soul Cries Out"

Every time I listen to this song I nearly get tears in my eyes. The lyrics are so true for me. I can only imagine what I will do when I see Jesus. Will I dance for joy, be still, stand before Jesus, or fall, will I sing hallelujah, or even be able to speak in the Lord's presence...I can only imagine.

Credits: God Shaped Hole from Scrap Quest Designs by Jennifer Eldridge; Font: Calligraph421 BT

March Blessings

52 Blessings Challenge - March Title Page

Credits: Shimmerin' Shamrocks from Bon Scrapatit Designs

Friday, May 28, 2010

I found a new FREE kit!

I found this awesome free kit from Bon Scrapatit Designs! Check it out at

I plan on using this kit for some of my 52 Blessings for March.

Special Moments - Week 8

52 Blessings Challenge
Week 8

Me, Bo (younger brother), Biological dad (Cole), Ronda (sister-in-law), Tori (little sister), and Emily (step-mom)

Credits: Paper from God Shaped Hole from Scrap Quest Designs by Jennifer Eldridge; Embellishments from Love Letter by Simply Susan at Faith Sisters Digital Shop; Font: Aubrey

Grandpa Chick - Week 7

Week 7
This is a picture of my grandpa Chick holding me and my cousin Shilo. Before I went to my grandfather's memorial I had no pictures of my grandfather. It was such a blessing to be able to look as so many pictures of him and learn more about my family history. I am thankful that I have a relationship with my creator and can have peace even when there is loss.

Credits: Love is in the Air by Collab Girls Creation; Font: Beyond Wonderland

Special Day - Week 6

Week 6

Credits: Discover Digital Power Palette from Creative Memories; Font: Alabama and Andalus

Daddy & Daughter Dance - Week 5

Week 5
I thought that this was the cutest thing ever when I found out that my dad took my little sister Tori to the Daddy & Daughter Dance! I had to add this event to my Blessings Challenge!

This is another recent page that I've scrapped and I've realized that the Love is in the Air by Collab Girls Creation is one of my favorites!

Credits: Love is in the Air by Collab girls Creation; Paper from Real Love by Jess Gordon; Font: AdineKirnberg-Script

February Blessings

Credits: Love is in the Air by Collab Girls Creation; Cross from; Font: Beyond Wonderland

Lauzzi - Week 4

Week 4

Credits: Angel wings from A Mothers Loving Touch by Claudi designs and Princess Sophie Collab Kit at Faith Sisters Digital Shop; Font: Beyond Wonderland

Fun With Friends - Week 3

Week 3
I am kind of behind on this challenge. I actually just finished this layout! I've been waiting on our friends Kathy and Ger to get me a copy of our sledding fun to scrap this page. I decided that I would try to use the three pictures that I was able to take before my battery died. Although I didn't get the pictures I wanted on the LO, I'm happy that I was able to finish Week 3!

On another note, I was actually able to use only one kit for this page! WooHoo! That was one of my goals, so I am quite proud that I did it! I really wasn't too difficult because Sunshine Artz is one of my favorites!

Credits: Ginger X-Mas by Sunshine Artz; Font: Flakes and Andalus

Thursday, May 27, 2010

29 - Week 2

Week 2

I was a featured artist for Made Ya Look Monday at!

Credits:Decorative Click & Fill Pages by Creative Memories; Colorful Grunge Paper and Striped Crumbled Paper by Sunshine Artz; Metallic Paper by Pelzi Deign; Font: Aubrey and Beyond Wonderland

Happy New Year - Week 1

Week 1 has some pretty amazing PowerPoint templates which I love to use on my scrapbook pages. This being one of them.

I was a featured artist on "Made Ya Look Monday" at!

Credits: New Years PowerPoint templates from; Negative Strip Angled Frame from Creative Memories Freebies; staples from My Little Infant World by Sunshine Artz; Font: Lucida Handwriting

January Blessings

Faith Sisters is doing a 52 Blessings Challenge in which scrappers are challenged to find and scrap a blessing each week of the year. At this point I am behind on several weeks and have a few weeks missing in between. I choose to make a page for each month for my final 52 Blessings scrapbook.

Credits: Crumbled paper by Sunshine Artz; Overlays and embellishments from Creative Memories freebies; Font: Beyond Wonderland

Old Layouts and Credits

Today as I was fixing up this blog and posting some of my new layouts on Faith Sisters, I came to a realization of what kind of digi scrapper I've been.  I realized that I tend to dabble in my different kits.  Many of my pages include papers and embellishments from all different kinds of kits.  So, while I have included credits on some of my scrap posts, I have not been consistent.  Now that I want to post these pages on my blog I've realized what a pain it's going to be to try to figure out who to credit on each embellishment and paper for my pages.  Hopefully the creators will forgive me for not properly giving them the credit they deserve.

So I have 2 new goals from here on out.  First, I absolutely want to make sure that the designers get the credit they deserve!  Second, I am going to challenge myself to try to create pages that only include items found in one kit.  This second part is going to be pretty difficult for me; however, I believe it will make giving credit much easier and it will show off the great designing work that the creator has done.

So in the mean time, on layouts that I have already created, I will try to give proper credit where I can.


Credits: Carpe Diem Collab-Freebie by Cornelia Designs and majula; Digital Overlays-Swirls (Swirl 2) by Creative Memories


Credits: Love is in the Air by Collab Girls Creation

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Beginning

So today I decided to begin a scrapbooking blog. I love to scrap and recently began digital scraping; however, I'm the type of person who needs to be motivated and inspired. I was looking at my favorite scrapbook websites and some blogs of the scrappers and began thinking how great it would be to post all of my pages in one place. I hope to be posting new scrap pages here regularly! I am completely new to the whole blog thing, so hopefully, I'll catch on quickly!
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