Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Wonderland LO

Today is the last day of November and I just cannot believe that another year is nearly over!  This November has been pretty crazy for Anchorage!!  Normally it is one of the snowiest months of the year and it's only snowed two or three times!!  Here, when it's fall/winter if there's no snow it is MUCH colder!  The cloud cover actually creates a kind of insulation and not only makes our dark winter days seem brighter but also brings the temperatures further away from zero!!  In fact today at 4pm I was driving around and it was only 2 degrees!!  2 degrees!!!!  I mean are you kidding me?!  Even for us Alaskan's this kind of weather is saved for January!  I'm just praying for snow and that this means winter will be short this year with a nice long non-rainy summer!!

So anyways, all of the fun winter-y and Christmas-y kits are coming out now and I'm super excited (although, I'd be more excited if we had more snow here)!  Here's a new kit from Blue Heart Scraps called Snowball Fight, and as soon as we get a bit more snow and some warmer temperatures, I just may have to teach my 20 month old son how to partake in one of these fights!!

Credits: Snowball Fight Plain Papers, Patterned Papers, and Elements by Blue Heart Scraps; Sketch 321 from Scrapbook Challenges; Fonts: Pea Amie, Traveling Typewriter, and Almonte Snow

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