Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Layouts and Credits

Today as I was fixing up this blog and posting some of my new layouts on Faith Sisters, I came to a realization of what kind of digi scrapper I've been.  I realized that I tend to dabble in my different kits.  Many of my pages include papers and embellishments from all different kinds of kits.  So, while I have included credits on some of my scrap posts, I have not been consistent.  Now that I want to post these pages on my blog I've realized what a pain it's going to be to try to figure out who to credit on each embellishment and paper for my pages.  Hopefully the creators will forgive me for not properly giving them the credit they deserve.

So I have 2 new goals from here on out.  First, I absolutely want to make sure that the designers get the credit they deserve!  Second, I am going to challenge myself to try to create pages that only include items found in one kit.  This second part is going to be pretty difficult for me; however, I believe it will make giving credit much easier and it will show off the great designing work that the creator has done.

So in the mean time, on layouts that I have already created, I will try to give proper credit where I can.

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