Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow! My last post was almost a week ago!! Well to say the least, I have been very busy!

Scrap distractions, let me count the ways...

Photography is one of my interests and in the last couple of weeks I've been really trying to challenge myself by using the manual modes on my camera.

Grandparents visiting (first cleaning house and now visiting)

Web Design that I do for my church

Amazingly beautiful weather after a week of rain (bike rides and hikes galore!!)

Here are some pictures of our Alaska adventures recently!! Enjoy!

Coastal Trail (Anchorage, AK)

This moose was right off of the paved coastal trail about 24 feet away from us!

This moose was off of the Campbell Creek Trail near our home. We saw it as were were riding our bikes past it. She was about 24 feet away as well!

This is a small lake that was along the Campbell Creek trail and I loved the reflection in the water!

This is our backyard before my husband and dad did yard work. I still cannot believe how big the grass, weeds, and dandy lions get. The one in this picture was honestly half way up my thigh!!

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