Saturday, March 15, 2014

P365 Week 9 and Week 10

Here is another attempt at P365!!  I am SO terrible with this project!!  Seriously EVERY year I attempt this challenge with the high hopes of getting an entire year completed!!  This year I set up my own template and had the idea that I would just do the same 2 layouts throughout the whole year.  I was able to get several weeks finished but fell off the wagon!  Sadly, every other year I was able to make it at least to the fall!!  BUT now that I am on the CT of Weeds & Wildflowers Design, I have decided to make another attempt!  Maybe this will be the push that I've needed to get this huge project done for once!!

Here are my first p365 layouts using W&W amazing kits and templates!!  I am hoping to be able to go back and redo the weeks I've already completed and also to complete the several weeks that I've missed!
Credits: The Happiness Collection by Weeds & Wildflowers Design; Simple Squares #28 & Journal Cards by Weeds & Wildflowers Design; 'Life In A Box' 12x12 Templates Set #1 by Weeds & Wildflowers Design; Paper from Sweet & Simple Kit #2 by Weeds & Wildflowers Design; Life 365 'Border It' by Weeds & Wildflowers Design


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