Friday, May 3, 2013


Since I've had a child, I pretty much have no photos of myself and sadly the ones I do have are of me looking somewhat haggard - lol!  I guess having a two year old will do that to a stay at home mom!  Amazingly, I had a recent (year ago) photo that was taken by a family friend.  Other than that I'm pretty much going back quite a few years - so sad!  There's a challenge at GS where you have to use FIVE photos of yourself - I doubt I'll be accomplishing that task!  Anyways, here is a lovely kit that is a part of a grab bag by ViolaMoni.  I love her art journaling style kits, now if only I could master that amazing style of scrap.  The grunged up papers are a favorite of mine!

Credits: Being Me iNSD Grab Bag by Viola Moni; Template: Scrap It by Blue Heart Scraps; Font: Mom's Typewrter


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