Friday, November 18, 2011

I enjoyed cooking when I was a teenager, however, once my dad "required" that I cook, I immediately refused!  I was learning so much from my grandmother at the time, but you know how it soon as some one tells you that you have to do something, your first response is to do the opposite.  

Well, I am now older, wiser, a wife, and a mommy, oh and HUNGRY!!  I've become more "domesticated" now that I'm a stay at home wife and I'm loving it.  I actually enjoy cooking once again and I love trying new recipes - especially goodies!!  

So anyways, for my husband's birthday I wanted to make him a homemade cake (not one from a box).  I ended up making a mocha cake with homemade espresso buttercream frosting.  It was kind of a pain because I don't have a standing mixer, so I had hold the egg beater for the longest time, but it was SO worth it!  It ended up being the best cake and frosting I've ever had and I'm totally making it to convince my husband to let me get the KitchenAid standing mixer that I've been dreaming about...

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