Friday, February 25, 2011

New kit - Be Still My Heart

Susan Godfrey has just released a new collab kit with Royanna Lea Fritschmann (Studio RA Designs)!  This is a huge kit with a full Alpha and number set, over 140 elements and over 50 different papers!

I'm super excited to use this kit!  I've been waiting for the new mega kit to be released and here it is!!

This is one of my layouts:
Credits: Be Still My Heart collaboration by Susan
Godfrey Designs and Studio RA Designs;
Font: Typewriterhand
With this layout I had fun turning some of the papers into velum.  The paper border behind the photo mat was not only turned into velum but given some extra texture to the design.  I also modified the alpha set to match my velum theme.  I glitterized the border on the alpha and then turned them to velum as well.

Here's a taste of the new Mega Collab kit and as you can see it is a HUGE kit:
Purchase at Susan Godfrey Designs Shop 

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