Thursday, July 5, 2012

Father & Son LO

Ugh, my DS, now 15 months old, is obsessed with our computers!!  While I was doing laundry, he decided to get some quick typing done on my laptop!  Long story short, he broke the space bar button right off of the laptop and now I'm stuck trying to push this little tiny "button" to put a space in my text!!!!

So never mind my complaining... here's the new layout...which I love!
Credits: Two Of A Kind by Blue Heart Scraps; Scraplift of "Take Flight" by Jacqueline; Font: Stars From Our Eyes

I used the kit Two Of A Kind by Blue Heart Scraps (which is exclusively at Funky Play Grounds Designs while she's guesting there!!)!  AND I was totally inspired by the scraplift challenge they have at FPG for July!  

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