Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still behind but catching up...

So I have made some excellent progress this past week! On my 52 Blessings Challenge, I'm still really far behind; however, I think that creating 7 pages for this challenge alone in the past week is pretty darn good! I am currently done with the month of January, February, and March. I am now 2 months behind (we haven't quite made it through the 1st week of June), but if I don't keep up this pace I will really be stuck playing catchup for a long time!

I have started uploading my pages to a new gallery (Scrapbook Challenges) and I love it there! The scrappers are awesome commenters! It is also supper easy to upload pages into the gallery! I have also been looking though the list of scrapbook sketches there and they're pretty amazing! You should check it out and consider joining in on the fun!

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